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Indonesia Reiterates Commitment to succeed…

October 24, 2016NewsMaryati/Ani Hasanah298 Hits
VOI NEWS 11.00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7, 24-10- Indonesia as the chairman of the Indian Ocean Rim Association IORA reaffirms its commitment to the success of the IORA Summit in March 2017. It was said by…


ABU 2016 in Bali welcomes the era of digital…

October 21, 2016EditorialSetiorini64 Hits
Media people of radio and television are facing new challenges in the era of media competition. To remain attractive public broadcasting, broadcasters should strive to exert ability and creativity,…

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Indonesian Wonder

Watu Mujur River in…

Indonesian Wonder106 Hits

Parende Fish”, Culinary from…

Indonesian Wonder222 Hits

Taman Ayodya or Ayodya Park

Indonesian Wonder312 Hits


Indonesian Wonder420 Hits

The Mosque of Al-Ikhlas…

Indonesian Wonder269 Hits

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Breaking theFast Together

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Going to the Optometrist

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Community Service

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Buying Souvenirs

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