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Wonderful Indonesia Quiz 2017

News Section

Attending Presidential Open House, UK…

June 25, 2017NewsAni Hasanah34 Hits
VOI NEWS 25.06.2017, 14.00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7 The United Kingdom Ambassador to Indonesia Moazzam Malik has stated his commitment to increase cooperation between UK and Indonesia. The commitment was…


Will the conflict in Eastern Ukraine hamper…

June 23, 2017EditorialDee/Ani Hasanah100 Hits
COMMENTARY 23.10.2017 US relations with Russia are still hampered by conflicts in Eastern Ukraine. Recent developments show that the United States will still impose sanctions on Russia before it…

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Indonesian Wonder

Hyang Darungan Waterfall

Indonesian Wonder40 Hits


Indonesian Wonder93 Hits


Indonesian Wonder83 Hits

Lampu Colok Tradition

Indonesian Wonder64 Hits

Sarikayo Culinary

Indonesian Wonder24 Hits

Let's Speak Bahasa


Let's Speak Bahasa150 Hits

At the bus terminal

Let's Speak Bahasa529 Hits

Buying Cake Ingredients

Let's Speak Bahasa487 Hits

Sending a Package By Air Mail

Let's Speak Bahasa455 Hits

Taking Care of Nephews

Let's Speak Bahasa465 Hits

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