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Public Service Broadcasters in Jeopardy

October 26, 2016NewsMaryati/Setiorini52 Hits
VOI NEWS 11.00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7, 26-10-2016 The development of technology becomes a serious consideration of broadcasting media. The rise of private and paid broadcasting media gives major…


UN Refuses to be Responsible for Cholera…

October 26, 2016EditorialSetiorini22 Hits
The United Nations (UN) refuses to be responsible for cholera outbreak that hit Haiti for for about six years. The UN is claimed to have a moral responsibility to help Haiti in coping with the…

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Indonesian Wonder

Watu Mujur River in…

Indonesian Wonder111 Hits

Parende Fish”, Culinary from…

Indonesian Wonder226 Hits

Taman Ayodya or Ayodya Park

Indonesian Wonder315 Hits


Indonesian Wonder423 Hits

The Mosque of Al-Ikhlas…

Indonesian Wonder271 Hits

Let's Speak Bahasa

Breaking theFast Together

Let's Speak Bahasa4184 Hits

Going to the Optometrist

Let's Speak Bahasa4008 Hits

Community Service

Let's Speak Bahasa4273 Hits

Buying Souvenirs

Let's Speak Bahasa4145 Hits


Let's Speak Bahasa4167 Hits

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