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Presidential approval easily available to…

October 07, 2015NewsMaryati/Setiorini21 Hits
VOI NEWS 11.00 LOCAL TIME, GMT+7, 07-10-2015 Chief of the presidential staff Teten Masduki said President Joko Widodo would not make it difficult for the law enforcing agencies to secure approval to…


The World Bank Lower Growth Projection of…

October 07, 2015EditorialMaryati/Setiorini17 Hits
COMMENTARY, OCTOBER 07, 2015 Last Monday (5/10) the World Bank announced a new projection of economic growth in East Asia and the Pacific. The World Bank highlighted 14 countries, namely Indonesia,…

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World Animal Day

Features26 Hits

Hari Bhakti Postel

Features92 Hits

Marga T

Features78 Hits


Features89 Hits

Indonesian Wonder

Gandrang Bulo Dance

Indonesian Wonder18 Hits

Kliwonan Batik Tourism Village

Indonesian Wonder26 Hits

Angkon Muakhi Ceremony

Indonesian Wonder69 Hits

Broadcasting Museum of RRI…

Indonesian Wonder72 Hits

Rampak Kendang Dance

Indonesian Wonder207 Hits

Let's Speak Bahasa

Breaking theFast Together

Let's Speak Bahasa500 Hits

Going to the Optometrist

Let's Speak Bahasa428 Hits

Community Service

Let's Speak Bahasa499 Hits

Buying Souvenirs

Let's Speak Bahasa455 Hits


Let's Speak Bahasa495 Hits

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