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Ending Human Tragedy in Aleppo

Aleppo has been ravaged. The war has ravaged the second largest city in Syria after Damascus, killing about half a million people. Eleven million more are assumed to flee elsewhere.

The regime of Bashar Al Ashad government has stressed that Aleppo has fallen and controlled by the government. If so, has the suffering and tears of the population Aleppo ended? Analysts say the statement that Allepo has already controlled by the government, does not mean the end of the civil war that has devastated the city.

The war in Aleppo is not just a battle between the government’s military and the group which is often called the rebels. Syrian conflict is a battle that has become the arena of struggle for the influence of the United States and the West, with Russia and its allies, namely Iran. With the support of Russia and Iran as well, Bashar Al Ashad finally pounded Aleppo and declared the city had fallen and controlled by the government.

Russia is likely to be to risk his position by the crisis in Syria, especially Aleppo. The country wants to show its dominance and equal itself with the United States. In that context, the Syrian war and efforts to maintain and seize Aleppo is no longer just a civil war in Syria but has expanded into a global geopolitical issue. The war in Syria and the humanitarian tragedy that hit Aleppo is no longer a fight against the government of Bashar Al Ashad inspired by the Arab Springs in 2011.

Observers noted the enmity in Aleppo, in addition to involving the large countries, is further complicated by sectarian and ethnic conflicts in the country, for example between Shiites and Sunnis, and Kurds and Christians. Only a very human consciousness may be a solution. So it seems, the war would still not be over. So what should be done? What needs attention are civilians, including children, who are the victims. The Syrian government must be urged to allow the humanitarian aids enter the region and conduct reliefs to the citizens. This humanitarian catastrophe cannot be tolerated. In line with that, the hostile party is called upon to find a way to end the fighting. And that ends Commentary.

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