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State Defense Day

Today, precisely December 19, 2016, Indonesia celebrates the Day of State Defense. The background of the State Defense Day is to commemorate the declaration of Emergency Government of the Republic of Indonesia by Mr. Sjafruddin Prawiranegara in West Sumatra on 19 December 1948. Later on, by the Presidential Decree on December 19, 2006, the day was officially designated as the Day of State Defense

State defense is usually always associated with the military or militarism. As if the obligation and the responsibility to defend the country only lies on the military or the Indonesian National Military (TNI), whereas, under Article 27 and 30 of the 1945 Constitution, state defense is the rights and obligation of every Indonesian citizen. State defense is an effort of every Indonesian citizen to defend the country against threats from both outside and inside the country.

The concept of defending the country can be interpreted physically and non-physically. Physically, the State defense is done by lifting up arms against an enemy attack or aggression. Non-physically, it can be defined as any attempt to defend the nation by increasing the sense of nationalism, namely the nation and state awareness, instilling a love of the homeland, as well as playing an active role in advancing the nation.

In this independence era, of course, the concept of defending the country that can be done by Indonesian citizens is non-physical state defense. Patriotism, using domestic products, participating in maintaining the security in the neighborhood, and defending the good name of the nation are some examples of State defense that can be done by the community, especially amidst today's technological advancements. Culture and foreign influences can be easily accessed via the internet. So that patriotism needs to be instilled among the society, especially among the younger generation.

The act of defending the nation has just been demonstrated by Indonesian National Team who competed in the AFF (ASEAN Football Federation) Cup 2016. Despite failing to being the first winner after losing 0-2 to Thailand in the second final in Bangkok on Saturday (17/12/2016), the struggle of the players in the national team should be appreciated. They have been trying hard to defend the name of Indonesia in the field of sports.

Anything can be done by all circles of Indonesian community to defend the nation at anytime and anywhere. This is in accordance with the theme of the State Defense Day 2016, namely "My Beloved Indonesia, I defend you in my lifetime". This theme is expected to arouse the awareness to defend the country among all components of Indonesian people to realize the development of Indonesia’s character as a potential in the development of the universal national defense system. (AHM)

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