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COMMENTARY 20.12.2016

Indonesia is  grieving again. The Air Force  Herculesplane crashed  in Wamena on Sunday, December 18, 2016, killing  all crew and passengers . It is still fresh inmemory, what happened to the  National Police's aircraft M-28 Sky Truck,  which  lost contact and crashed Saturday, December 3, 2016 in south Lingga waters,Riau Islands Province. The plane  was carrying 13 passengers comprised of five crew members and eight passengers.

This year alone, there were 7 Military aircraftscrashes that killed members of military and polic. Theseof course have  caused serious concern on Indonesia’s defense sytem main equipment or Alutsista . Indeed, defense equipment is an  important part of the security and sovereignty of the nation and the state.

It is time for Indonesia to improve its defense system main equipment  or known as alutsista in  Indonesia. Ironically, the Hercules aircraft which crashed in Wamena, is a used  aircraft , a  grant from  Australia and not the result of new aircraft purchased separately. Financial state should better highlight the strength of the military and police. Government and Parliament, today   has been more focused on defense procurement. Butapparently, due to the country's financial situation this can not be done optimally.

For  the public, a military aircraft accident  for such areason  as bad weather conditions, is sometimes difficult to understand. Are not the military equipment should be the best, with the classifications of defense equipment,to  withstand  anything in the battlefield including the weather?. But of course anything could be the cause ofan accident. From factors such as human error,  the age of the plane, insufficient technology,  to  even extreme weather.

When the government, along with the  military and police as well as the House of Representatives, chooseweapons system, the should not making too many compromises, and  must adjust to current conditions in order not to be left  too far behind in  technology. Of course, what to buy must  be adapted to the characteristics of the area or region of the country. It is true that sometimes goods coming from grants or used items can later be upgraded into the good stuff. In addition of course the price is much cheaper. Still, the content and the technology is outdated and may not correspond to the natural characteristics of  Indonesia. Undoubtedly, sophisticated defense equipments will greatly affect the country's defense system, including the safety of personnel who use them. 


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