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Berlin terror and its solution

Berlin, Germany was shaken again. Last March 2016, a terrorist detonated a car bomb and before Christmas comes, a stranger rammed a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany. As a result of the brutal act, 6 people were killed and many were injured. The attack that happened in Berlin reminds us the incident that occurred five months earlier in which an extremist of Tunisia, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel attacked Nice pier in France, and this killed at least 86 people. Serenity changed into horror. Why should Berlin be a target? This is one question.

Berlin is a major city in Germany. During the cold war, the city was divided into two: West Berlin and East Berlin. Since unification in 1985, the city has been united again. Before the reunification, Berlin has become a major city in Germany with the composition of the population that is mostly immigrants.

Committing the terror act in a city like Berlin will be very easy to become news. The bomb terror by truck on the market before Christmas is quickly becoming headline news around the world. The terror message was sent very easily. In addition to the mainstream media, the news of the bomb terror in Berlin was soon spread through social media. That’s exactly the purpose of the terror act by spreading horror and sending threatening messages. For Germany, the terror before Christmas in Berlin can bring about social and political impact. This is connected with the German government's policy to accept and accommodate the displaced Muslims from Syria. Socially, Germans can later grow a sense of antipathy to those who are forced to go to Germany. If there is pressure and public opinion is formed, the German government may change its policy towards refugees from Syria.

We certainly hope the situation in Berlin can be conducive again. The mastermind, background or motives have to be revealed. We expect similar incidents do not occur, including in Indonesia. The terror committed by terrorists has now become a global threat. Thus, joint efforts must be made. Each government should anticipate and take firm action against perpetrators of any terror.

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