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Terror occurs again

Act of terrorism occurred again. Yesterday, Special Team of Anti-Terrorism (Detachment 88) Headquarters of the Indonesian Police -INP found live bomb at a house in South Tangerang. In addition to the three bombs that Have been foubnd, the police also found bomb-making equipment. According the plan, the bomb would be detonated at a police station in the Serpong area ahead of the Christmas and New Year. Jakarta Police Chief, Inspector General Mochamad Iriawan said that the bomb squad had managed to detonate the homemade bombs. Four suspected terrorists have also been paralized; three of whom were killed in the raid. Inspector General Mochamad Iriawan stated, information related to terrorist activity in South Tangerang is known from the suspects involved in the bombings in Bekasi last week.

On the same day, the special anti-terror also caught suspected members of terrorist networks in Sibiru-biru sub-distric, Deli Serdang regency, North Sumatra. Additionally, the Detachment 88 also arrested suspected terrorists in Payakumbuh, West Sumatra, who helped buy bomb materials related to terror acts. The police are still investigating the bombs.

President Joko Widodo appreciated rapid action of Detachment 88 and all police personnel in  regard to the discovery of the live bomb in South Tangerang. He also called on the public to improve awareness and participation in efforts to combat agaisn terrorism. President views that the act of terrorism which becomes common enenmy occured not only Indonesia, but also in some countries in the world.

In relation with the discovery of the live bomb in South Tangerang, the government should raise awareness, because the discovery of the bombs is almost simultaneous  only in Indonesia, but also in Turkey, Germany and several other countries. It is possible that the suspected terrorists in South Tangerang have links with international terrorist networks. There must also be  intensive inter-agency coordination. This is necessary to prevent terrorism. The tragedy in regard to terrorism is a good leeson to antocipate. Alertness should be fully and constantly improved post-incident of standby One.


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