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Between Tolerance and Unity in Diversity

The word tolerance comes from Latin. The meaning of tolerare is to patiently let anything happen. So widely, the notion of tolerance is an attitude or behavior of someone who appreciates or respects others' actions, of course, as long as not to deviate from the norm.

Related to this,  Indonesian people are familiar with the motto 'unity in diversity’, which is the slogan or motto of the nation. The phrase is derived from the ancient Javanese language, and often translated as Unity in Diversity or Bhineka Tunggal Ika.

The motto is now highlighted for its practices among the people  who are becoming farther from the original meaning  and more alarming. Tolerance in a culturally diverse behavior of people is feared to be  getting away from Indonesia.

Especially when concerning the  religion, it is difficult for the nation to implement a tolerant attitude. It is understandable because religion is the belief of each individual. Indonesia has had some  bitter experiencesrelated to the conflict among religions. Therefore, people should be careful when talking about religion so as not to offend others.

It’s a wonderful sight when some time ago a religion heldits religious celebrations; various elements of the nationshowed mutual respect, mutual restraint, hand in hand tomaintain security, and did not trigger upheavals thatmight result in harming the nation. Apparently, the nationhas started knitting back the meaning of tolerance in Bhineka Tunggal Ika.

Indonesian people must indeed  keep the content of tolerance and national unity in Bhineka Tunggal Ika. This is not just a slogan or jargon in politics, but it should be kept in mind and implemented in the behavior of the state and nation. Every Indonesian, regardless of race or position, should maintain tolerance and national unity, so that the unitary state of Indonesia remains intact .

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