The year of 2016 ended with good news from Indonesia’s aircraft industry. PT Dirgantara Indonesia –PT DI managed to sell air CN235-220M Multi Purpose to some foreign countries. The Air Force of Senegal added to the long list of customers of Indonesia’s aircraft maker –PT DI.  President Director of the company, Budi Santoso said in Bandung, West Java on last Tuesday (27/12) that PT DI is able to address the needs in Asian and African countries. He also pointed out that PT DI has managed to produce and deliver 62 units of aircraft CN235. A total of 35 units were delivered to the buyers abroad.

Senegal is not the first country to book a plane made by PT DI. Other countries, including Venezuela, Senegal, Burkina Faso, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand and Brunei Darussalam have also ordered CN235 from Indonesia. Among these countries, South Korea is the biggest consumer, ordering 12 units of CN235. In addition, a country in Latin America also bought one unit of the plane to be used as a passenger transport.

Perhaps when compared to the aircraft industry in developed countries like the United States and Russia, the number mentioned above is not too significant. However, there is an important thing that should be noted.  So far, among the ASEAN countries, it is only Indonesia that can do it. No other countries in the region have such an aircraft industry.  PT Dirgantara Indonesia is the first and only one of aircraft industry in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. The Indonesian state-owned company was founded on 26 April 1976 under the name Nurtanio Aircraft Industry, with BJ Habibie as its President Director. It was later renamed Nusantara Aircraft Industry -IPTN on October 11, 1985 and became PT Dirgantara Indonesia on August 24, 2000.

The success of PT Dirgantara Indonesia in penetrating foreign markets proves the ability of Indonesia in mastering high technology of aircraft. Indonesian people should be proud of this achievement. Hopefully, this success   becomes a good start in 2017, especially in the area of aircraft industry to become a better Indonesia.

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