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Building the icon of Bali’s cattle through the program of Bali’s beef

COMMENTARY 05.01.2017

The government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Agriculture, Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health in collaboration with the provincial government of Bali in 2017 will build Bali Beef Program. This is aimed at building the icon of Bali cattle with a higher value. As a result, Bali’s cattle farmers can obtain more earnings.

Bali’s cattle is one of the Animal Genetic Resources -SDGH which becomes the pride of Indonesia. As clumps of native cattle of Indonesia, Bali’s cattle has excellent production capability and adaptive reproduction. So, it is easily developed. In addition, Bali’s cattle has a range of 56% soft meat and premium quality.

The raising pattern of Bali’s cattle is done extensively to fully rely on special cattle food. As a result, the beef of Bali’s cattle becomes prime quality and can be compared with organic meat. Some studies suggest that the beef of Bali’s cattle has great potential to be developed into a premium local meat production of Indonesia. To produce premium meat certainly needs a special treatment in raising the cattle.

Director General of Animal Husbandry and Health at the Ministry of Agriculture, I Ketut Diarmita states that through the program of Bali’s beef the Bali’s cattle is no longer sold in the form of live animals, which are cheaper, but in the form of beef that are more expensive. How to raise the cattle should use business concepts. The presence of the program of Bali’s beef strongly supports the program of the Ministry of Agriculture in 2016, namely the Special Effort to Accelerate Population Cattle and Pregnant Buffalo.

The launching of this program is the government's commitment in the pursuit of self-sufficiency in livestock targeted in 2026. Hopefully, the target to be independent in compliance with food from animals can be realized and this also improves the welfare of the animal raisers.

By implementing the program of Bali’s beef, the icon of Bali’s cattle can be awakened and the selling prices of Bali’s beef will approach the prices of Wagyu beef worth about Rp 350,000/kilogram. Bali provincial government will cooperate with relevant parties to conduct the branding of Bali’s beef or Bali’s cattle as a premium meat producer.

Hopefully, with the introduction of the program of Bali’s beef, Indonesia does not need to import high-quality beef. Because, the Bali’s beef is equivalent to the meat of premium class international standard, which is usually consumed by the middle to high people. Even in the future, Indonesia may become the exporter of beef, especially Bali’s beef.


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