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Foreign mass organizations expected to contribute optimally

COMMENTARY 12.01.2017

Late last year marked the beginning of a new phase operation of foreign organizations (International Non-Governmental Organization -NGO) in Indonesia following the enactment of Government Regulation (PP) No. 59/2016. This regulation regulates the social organizations founded by foreign citizens or legal entity -WNA in Indonesia as an implementing regulation of the Act No. 17/2013.

There are worries in the community with their foreign organizations to arise activities that may be detrimental to the Indonesian nation. But the government ensures that the regulation is more comprehensive in terms of the control and supervision than the previous rules. It is very indispensable in the middle of the swift currents of globalization for the Indonesian nation which is part of the world community. Base on the record of Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry, there have been dozens of foreign organizations registered in Indonesia. Essentially, the new regulation is not meant to freely open Indonesia for the activities of foreign parties, but it is aimed to provide a legal protection to be obeyed. Indonesia is not closed with the issuance of this strict regulation. But, this is legal protection considered as a form of service so that interested parties can practice well.

The existence of foreign organizations must be recognized as a double-edged knife. This can help solve the problem or it can also lead to serious problems. In addition, in Indonesia there are often spreading issues of foreign intervention in almost every major event, such as the resignation of Indonesian first President.

Inevitably, the presence of foreign organizations is needed by society. Like other nations, Indonesia has limitations. Moreover, as part of a world community, Indonesia does not live alone. The Indonesian people realize that the participation of the world community is necessary to make development successful. The foreign organizations are expected to contribute or cover up the shortage of Indonesia in some areas.

Development in each country is supposed to be a common concern of the world community. However, the failure of development in a country may affect other countries. As a result, this may be even global impact. Take for example the management and conservation of the environment. One country alone does not care for it; the impact will gradually be felt by all citizens of the world. In this regard, Indonesia should be grateful if there are many foreign parties that show concerns. With the new regulation, presumably foreign mass organizations in Indonesia will further demonstrate their best contribution to the development of Indonesia.


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