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OBAMA began and ended his presidency well

COMMENTARY, 13.01.2017

Barrack Obama has started and ended his position well as President of the United States. This expression seems right to become a note for him. Recently, he has delivered his final speech as president and left the White House in Washington after eight years of being there and did their job well. One of the great expressions of the first black president of the United States is that he has been serving his people for eight years. The phrase reflects not only his humility, but also a form of sincerity to be the head of state and government on which he solely carried out the mandate of The US people. American people who might be against him before were moved away to hear his farewell expression. Barack Obama was truly serving his people and he always obeyed the mandate of the people. One thing that he always did well was to serve and to provide good health. In this health sector, Barrack Obama has tried his best way to help his poor people sustainably.

Barack Obama has ended his term as President with a pretty good record. This happy ending was usually started by carrying out a good start. Will Donald Trump do the same thing? Donald Trump as millionaire is expected to carry out his presidency well too.

Before taking up his duties as President of the United States and ending his transition period as President Elect, Donald Trump underwent an incident at his first press conference and hopefully, this is not bad presage for him. For the first time in American history, a president clashed with journalists before the public. Trump blasted world’s news network –CNN which was considered recklessly to broadcast news about Russia.

Previously, Donald Trump also criticized the media. Even during his campaigning, Trump also mentioned that the press has been unfair to him. The image of a government is not purely good or bad relations with the media professionals. As head of state and government, he or she is a responsible leader for the policies and state activities. Barack Obama has been able to maintain not only his good relations with journalists, or media darling, but also the rhythm of his reign. He was also consistent and showing his dedication, integrity, and loyalty to the United States and contributing a lot to a better world.


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