COMMENTARY 18.01.2017

Tomorrow, on January 20, 2017 will be a historic day for the United States, as Donald Trump will become  the 45th  president of the US. Instead being pleased that Trump become President, Palestine is worried even angry, because if Trump remained on his promise, the US will open its embassy in Jerusalem. For Israel it became one of the strong supports to  control East Jerusalem claimed by the Palestinians as their future capital. Donald Trump himself seems to play games  in the issue of Jerusalem. Opening  an  embassy in Jerusalem to please Israel hardliner and still maintaining the embassy in Tel Aviv to calm the countries supporting the Palestinians.

France which supports Palestine as a state, rushed  to hold an  International Conference on Palestine, on Sunday (January 15th) attended by delegates from 70 countries, including Indonesia. Unfortunately, like in the previous Paris Conference, Israel still refused  be present. According to French Foreign Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault (read Mark Jang Ayro), the conference in Paris agreed on a map of the Palestinian border in 1967. At that time, Israel has not  occupied the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Although many countries attended, this conference was not binding and only advised the Palestinians and Israel to negotiate directly.

Israel today is like getting the upper hand because Trump openly supports Israel, in contrast to the previous  US  president, Barack Obama. Then,  Israel was  angry because Obama did not support an expansion of areas in the Palestinian territories. American-Israeli bilateral relations during Obama was the worst. Indonesia which  always supports Palestine, remained in its  position of a  two-state solution. At the Paris conference, the support was reaffirmed  by Deputy Foreign Minister AM Fachir. Palestine also continues to ask Indonesia’s help, especially in rallying support from Pacific countries that tend to be pro-Israel. This is an opportunity for Indonesia to prove its support to Palestine through diplomacy to neighboring countries.


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