Recently, the political situation in Indonesia has caused anxiety among businesspeople. Ahead of simultaneous regional elections in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, political uproar also has brought about fears among investors. The potential of horizontal conflicts in some areas is a threat to political stability in the country. The political dynamics in Indonesia makes the entrepreneurs and investors take a wait-and-see stand while observing what will happen after the simultaneous regional elections on February 15, 2017 which will be followed by seven provinces, 76 districts and 18 cities, including Jakarta.

The government understands well the anxieties felt by businesspeople in the country. In regard to this, the government is attempting to create political stability so that all communities feel safe and comfortable in carrying out their activities. To that end, the government has formulated various measures to ensure the safety and convenience of the public, including businesspeople. One of the measures is to issue 2nd legal reform policy package. This step is very important because the legal reform package focuses on the issue of regulatory arrangement, expansion of the range of legal services and efforts to build a sense of security in society. The government wants to ensure the respect, protection and fulfillment of human rights. It is hoped that this effort will address the inequality of legal protection for the community.

In addition to building a sense of security in the community, the Indonesian National Police –Polri will develop a model of police community. This step aims to establish an early warning as effective as possible so that the activities that lead to radicalism can be anticipated sooner.

The government’s effort to build a sense of security among the people needs to be supported, let alone the government has emphasized that anyone who violates the law will face with the government. In this situation, the government through the law enforcement agencies always puts priority on legal aspects. This step is in line with the agreement of the founders of this nation to be always submissive and obedient to the law. The government also trusts the steps taken by Polri and intelligence apparatus to maintain the security situation.

It is very important for the administration of President Joko Widodo and Vice President Yusuf Kalla to ensure political stability and security across Indonesia within the framework of the democratic political system. The democracy which has been run so far is the only rule.

Besides, all parties must have the same vision and mission in building this diversified nation. As a result, all challenges in all aspects of life can be resolved together. Pancasila as Indonesia’s state ideology and the 1945 Constitution are the key reference for Indonesia to resolve the problems of the nation.

In addition to these measures, the government's presence in social media is desperately needed.Although the government has supported community efforts to combat against hoax g information to cover the true information which spread in the community, the government needs to be reactive to deal with this. The government has the obligation to disseminate the right information to the public to minimize the appearance of the issues that have bad intentions such as fooling, provoking and deceiving. That the government is active in social media and public space is very important, because the information contains in it sometimes brings about unrest. Consequently, some elements of society are concerned about the condition of this country.



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