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OIC discusses the future of Rohingya

COMMENTARY, 20.01.2017

Organization of Islamic Cooperation -OIC held a ministerial meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Thursday (19 January) to discuss measures to be taken in addressing the problem of Muslim Rohingya in Rakhine state, Myanmar.

At the opening of the meeting, Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak warned that violence against the Rohingya must be terminated. Unless it’s stopped, PM. Najib is worried that the radical groups like ISIS can affect the Rohingya. He also wants the OIC urged Myanmar to stop violence against minorities in Rakhine state. Secretary General of the OIC, Yousef Al Outhaimeen urged Myanmar to stop the systematic discrimination and violence to the Rohingya Muslims.

Sixty-five thousand Rohingya Muslims have been displaced over the last 3 months to seek protection to Bangladesh. The evacuation came after Myanmar security forces conducted operations to pursue the attackers of a police post in the Myanmar border with Bangladesh in October 2016. Myanmar authorities accused that the attack that killed nine people was conducted by Rohingya militants. In the operation, the security forces attacked Rohingya ethnics and take action beyond its obligations.

To find out what is happening in Rakhine, one of the results of the talks at the OIC meeting in Kuala Lumpur is to send a delegation to Myanmar. Malaysian Foreign Affairs Ministry reported that an independent assessment of the situation will help the government of Myanmar whether the disseminated news to the public about Rakhine is true or just false one. For Indonesia, Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi wants to share the experience to resolve the problems in Myanmar at OIC meeting. In addition, Indonesia also hopes that there must be good cooperation between OIC and ASEAN. Indonesia itself directly provides humanitarian aid to Rakhine.

Though the crisis in Rakhine state has been going on long enough, we are aware that eventually, Organization of Islamic Cooperation -OIC pays a serious attention to the Rohingya. Indonesia is hoping that the efforts of the Islamic states’ attention to the Rohingya can move the Myanmar authorities not to commit violence operation in Rakhine state. Last but not least, hopefully, Indonesia’s efforts either through direct assistance or through diplomacy can provide a solution for the Rohingya crisis.


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