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The meeting between President and Chairman of the People Consultative Assembly

President Joko Widodo and the Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly –MPR, Zulkifli Hasan held a meeting at the State Palace in Jakarta on Tuesday to discuss the current situation in the country. This meeting is considered important following the dynamics of current conditions that tend to heat up and the simultaneous regional elections next February. At the meeting, they also discussed the plan of state policy for long-term development which stalled since the fall of the New Order in 1998.

In the meeting, President Joko Widodo wants the establishment of National Harmony Council to resolve the current problems in Indonesia whether social, economic, political and cultural aspects.He also supports the factions of the MPR in discussing the state policy aiming at national long-term development.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Assembly, Zulkifli Hasan asserted the importance of Indonesia’s values in resolving the problems. He also said that during the meeting, he and President Joko Widodo agreed that Indonesia is a large family of homeland consisting of various tribes and nations. Thus, to be concerned about is not the fellow citizens of Indonesia, but the dynamics of the international world. Meanwhile, related to the discussion of the state policy, Chairman Sulkifli Hasan also pointed that it takes a long time and serious discussion for the stakeholders to formulate the state policy that is appropriate nowadays. He views that the current factions of  MPR are still discussing the state policy, input and aspiration of academicians across Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly, Hidayat Nur Wahid said  that the meeting between the leaders of the Assembly and the President Joko Widodo at the State Palace in Jakarta, also addressed the issue of law and justice. He emphasized that law enforcement must be fair to all problems. He also views that this step is necessary for public confidence in the legal process. Hidayat Nur Wahid added that one key to solving problems is to practice honest values of Pancasila and Unity in Diversity. In addition, the dialogue forum is needed to discuss the current issues.

Indeed, the dynamics of the current situations continue to emerge after the New Order era ended and replaced the reform era in 1998. The lack of deliberation, which becomes Indonesia’s noble value and might be replaced with the Western democracy in almost every facet of life, has forced Indonesia to change its perspective. To like or dislike,  the Indonesian people who are hungry for change after the fall of the New Order are likely to forget the four key pillars of the nation:Pancasila, the Constitution 45, the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, and national unity. As a result, this has brought about changes in the political system and the economy so that the Indonesian people no longer have a foundation and a program for the direction of future long-term development. Thus, re-implementing the origin of the Indonesia’s noble values is imperative to uphold the dignity of the nation in the eyes of the international community.


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