Home Editorial The construction of the US-Mexico border wall and anticipation of changes in foreign policy of the United States

The construction of the US-Mexico border wall and anticipation of changes in foreign policy of the United States

In addition to withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, US President Donald Trump implements one of his campaign promises, namely to build the US-Mexico border wall. When signing the executive order on the border wall two days ago, President Trump said that the wall is built to cope with the critical situation in the southern border of the United States due to the influx of illegal immigrants from the Latin America and the threat of drug smuggling. The decision is also a form of campaign promises of Donald Trump hugely supported by his voters. President Donald Trump, who has been on duty of his presidency for a few days, said that the construction of the border wall will increase security for both countries.

However, Mexican government has a different opinion. Mexican President, Enrique Pena Nieto strongly criticized the decision by President Donald Trump. He also confirmed that his side would never pay for the construction, as requested by the US President.

The construction plan of the border wall may trigger tensions between the two neighbors. Mexican opposition called on President Nieto to cancel his visit to Washington at the end of this month. Mexican opposition leader, Andres Manuel Lopez stated that the construction of the border wall is an insult to Mexico. Even, he calls for a lawsuit against the United States through the United Nations -UN.

The world is still waiting to see what will happen next in the relationship of the two countries. To be sure, President Donald Trump has demonstrated his commitment to realize the promise during the campaign. Another action that may be taken is the decision to withdraw from NATO alliance. President Trump's next steps in regard to his foreign relations will certainly have an impact on policy change in global politics. Any country, including Indonesia, should be prepared to anticipate the impact of the policy change and global political strategy of President Donald Trump.

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