The political climate in several regions in Indonesia is heating up ahead of the Simultaneous Regional Head Election on February 15, 2017.
Certainly, the pairs of candidates of Regional Head and Deputy Regional Head are trying hard to win this election. They have sacrificed their energy, time, and materials in a bid to win the elections in the provincial, municipal and district levels. In the election, the contestants, sympathizers and cadre even voters, frequently do violations. One thing that frequently happens during the election is the practice of money politics. The National Elections Supervisory Board –Bawaslu, as the election organizing agency in charge of overseeing the implementation of elections in Indonesia, said that money politics still potentially happens in 2017 Regional Head Elections held simultaneously in 101 regions across Indonesia. Money politics is an attempt to influence others by using rewards. It can also be interpreted as vote-buying in the political process and act of distributing money or goods to lure voters. This kind of violation is generally done by sympathizers, cadres or even political party leaders ahead of the D-day of the election. The practice of money politics in the election could lead to corruption. Only candidates with big funds can carry out a massive campaign to popularize and attract the public to vote for the candidate. Meanwhile, candidates with limited funds, even if qualified, will not be recognized by the public. It could be that
after winning the election, the winning candidate in the election will try to regain the funds that have been spent during the campaign with
various ways. Clearly, money politics is not only a violation of the election, but also an electoral crime, because these practices have taken away the rights and dignity of the citizens. Law No. 10/2016 on the Regional Elections states that those who give and receive money in the elections can be prosecuted. Hopefully, the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) can supervise the elections well, for the implementation of clean, honest, and fair Simultaneous Regional Head Election which is free from money politics.


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