Sunday (February 12th), North Korea fired a ballistic missile that flew from Banghyon air base, up to 500 kilomenter to the east and crashed in the sea of Japan. South Korean defense ministry spokesman could not confirm the  type of the missile. But Yonhap news agency said the South Korean military suspected it was  similar to  Musudan missile that had been  fired before.
On Monday, North Korea claimed to have tested a medium range ballistic missile that carried a new type the day before. Besides,  Pyongyang also considered it  was a progress in its weaponry program even though it violated UN resolutions.

South Korea which  is  adjacent to the North Korea held an emergency meeting shortly after the missiles. South Korea's defense ministry said North Korea fired a missile as an attempt to to see  the response of  the new US president, Donald Trump.  It was  conducted less than  a month, after  Donald Trump became  President on  January 20.

Although it did not enter Japanese territorial zone, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who is on a visit to the United States, condemned the missile launch. Abe regarded it as "unacceptable action". President Donald Trump who received Abe’s  visit guaranteed full American support for Japan in terms of North Korea's ballistic missile firing. In a brief statement, Trump said he would like everyone to understand that the United States fully supports Japan, its important  ally.

Indonesia is concerned with a series of ballistic missile launches by North Korea. This action, in addition to violating the UN embargo also threatens the stability in the Korean peninsula and East Asia. North Korean actions that could still launch missiles like this despite the embargo is something to watched out. The country could  still  develop weapons of medium range missiles which is likely to be  fitted with nuclear warheads. Diplomacy pproach needs to be done through diplomacy so that this problem can be solved without having to have an open conflict.

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