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Indonesia’s simultaneous elections

Simultaneous regional head elections across Indonesia in 2017 took place simultaneously in 101 regions across Indonesia on Wednesday, February 15, 2017. According to the General Election Commission -KPU, there are more than 41.8 million voters across Indonesia, who have been registered to elect governors and deputy governors, mayors and deputy mayors and regents and deputy regents in their respective areas. The 2017 regional elections were held the second time after 2015. The enthusiasm of the voters this time was higher compared to the previous 2015 regional elections. Moreover, the day of the voting was decided as a national holiday.

Although the political climate in Jakarta seemed to be heated ahead of the simultaneous elections, if fact, it turned out that everything went relatively safe, peaceful and democratic. The hard work of the government, the election organizers, including the security forces is necessary to be appreciated. The smoothness of these simultaneous elections cannot be separated from the voters, the contestants and the succeeding teams of respective candidates.

Great attention towards the simultaneous elections comes not only from Indonesian people themselves, but also from other countries. There are about a hundred observers from 10 countries who came to Indonesia to follow all stages of the elections from voting to the counting. These peaceful and smooth elections have shown that Indonesia has become mature in a democracy.

Indeed, these 2017 simultaneous elections are part of the honor of the Indonesian people who build and maintain a dignified democracy. The most important thing of the simultaneous elections this time is that all people have to uphold the principles of direct, free, secret and general elections and honest as well as fair elections.

Hopefully, the success of these simultaneous elections is also followed by the elections of qualified leaders both at central and regional levels across Indonesia. As a result, the aspirations of Indonesian people to choose their leaders who are clean, incorruptible, fair and close to the people through the elections could be channeled well.


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