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The impact of Michael Flynn resignation on the continuation of the US dialogue with Russia

COMMENTARY, 17.02.2017

President of the United States, Donald Trump has to lose one of his trusted officials shortly after his government operates officially. His National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn resigned from his position, as a result of actions taken before he and Donald Trump rule officially. Flynn as retired lieutenant general was reported to hold talks with Russian Ambassador, Sergei Kisylak. Michael Flynn was accused to hold talks via telephone about US sanctions against Russia. The talks conducted via telephone were denied by Flynn previously. But at last, he admitted his actions. Denial was also performed by Vice President Mike Pence to defend his colleague. Michael Flynn, who was close to President Donald Trump, was blamed because the telephone conversation was done before he officially served as security adviser to President Trump. As an ordinary citizen without a diplomatic mission from the government, the action taken Flynn was categorized as illegal. As it was known, the conversation between Michael Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kisylak took place before Donald Trump was inaugurated lawfully to replace Barack Obama.

The question is whether Flynn scandal brings about impact on the relationship between Washington and Kremlin. When competing with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump made the US relationship with Russia as one of his campaign issues. Trump unveiled plans to improve its relationship with Vladimir Putin. Perhaps on that basis, Michael Flynn had to hold talks with the Russian side. Thus, he held the talks with the Russian Ambassador, Sergei Kisylak.

Then, the case of Michael Flynn might disturb the continuation of Washington's efforts to further communicate with Kremlin. Donald Trump himself has replaced Michael Flynn with Lieutenant General Joseph Keith Kellogg as national security adviser.

In regard to this case, an interesting statement of the Russian side responses to the case of Flynn’s conversation with the Russian Ambassador, Sergei Kisylak. Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov said that Flynn and Kislyak did not discuss the lifting of US sanctions against Russia. From this statement, it is understood that Kremlin did not regard that the case of Michael Flynn would disturb further dialogue efforts between Washington and Kremlin. For Russia, the scandal of Flynn is the domestic affairs of the United States and the issue of President Donald Trump administration.


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