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New Regulation of Deportation on Illegal and troubled Immigrants under Donald Trump’s Administration

COMMENTARY, 24.02.2017

Without finding the best solution of immigration policy that refuses Muslim immigrants, the government of President Donald Trump has issued a new regulation that might pose a new polemic. The new regulation about immigration policy was announced on Tuesday, 21st of February, 2017. This policy might rule millions of illegal immigrants to the United States to be deported. The new regulation also allows immigrants who've been in trouble, although it is not too heavy, such as traffic violations and petty theft to be returned to their home countries.

The regulation signed by US Homeland Security Secretary, John Kelly replaces the previous regulations that target illegal immigrants who have been sentenced for serious crimes considered capable of threatening national security.

In the new regulation, it states that every immigrant, who was ever charged, or suspected of committing a crime in the United States, can be immediately expelled from the country.

Prior to this regulation was issued officially, criticism has emerged domestically. Governor of Ohio, John Kasich views that Trump’s new policy to expel millions of illegal immigrants in the United States is unreasonable. He criticized the idea of Donald Trump as a ridiculous notion. In response to this criticism, President Donald Trump stated that the plan might be carried out.

During his campaign, Donald Trump had highlighted the issue of illegal immigrants to attract the attention of voters. In some of his campaign speech, Donald Trump mentioned the illegal immigrants as "criminal aliens" (foreign criminals) who constantly "victimize Americans," as well as harm the law enforcement and poses a national threat.

Indeed, the policy of Donald Trump’s government related to illegal immigrants is not the first one to have been enacted by the US government. In the 1950s, President Dwight Eisenhower deported one and a half million illegal immigrants. The regulations of United States government in regard to illegal immigrants are domestic policies that pose pros and cons nationally.

The new regulations are, in fact, the internal affairs of the US. However, if the millions of illegal immigrants are deported by force, each government of the country of origin of the illegal immigrants has to think hard to overcome their returned people. Anyhow, this will pose new problems with international spectrum.



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