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National Music Day

Today, Indonesian nation is commemorating the National Music Day –HMN. It was initiated by the association of Artists, Creators and Music Recording Indonesia (PAPRI) during the era of President Megawati Sukarnoputri. But, the National Music Day was set in the era of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in 2013. In the Presidential Decree No. 10/2013, it states that the establishment of the National Music Day is part of efforts to increase public appreciation of Indonesian music, to boost confidence and motivation of the Indonesian musicians as well as to improve achievement capable of elevating the Indonesian music nationally, regionally and internationally. In this regard, we view that the commemoration of the National Music Day is not only an annual ceremonial event, but also a golden opportunity to improve the potential of Indonesian music.

As we know that music is a universal language that can reach up to the remote areas around the world. Music can be a powerful media to convey a variety of things, and to bridge the recesses of hearts among people. In the era of multimedia nowadays, music is an intimate friend of our daily life. No additional equipment is required; we just have smart telephone. In this case, access and reference are much wider. During 1980s and 1990s, the access came from conventional electronic media or cassettes. Then, the problem occurs the technological advance also brings about negative impact on the growth of the music industry. Easy multiplication of the digital music done illegally is profitable for the businesspeople of the music industry, including less royalty which is received.

Based on these facts, the National Music Day should become a joint annual momentum for Indonesian people and international community to find a breakthrough of time adjustment. The changes keep occurring. Thus, we need to deal with it properly. Certainly, music is expected not only to play a major role and provide economic contribution of a nation, but also to become a means of cross-cultural communication. So, music as the unifying communication which is universally accepted is, of course, an absolute necessity in the midst of diverse cultures in the world. In addition, a lot of interests in the name of the group and the state often create a gap among the world’s communities. Through music, we can maintain and preserve the values of humanity in a bid to further join hands and hands and to build the civilization for the common welfare. (Risal/RHM)

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