On Monday, March 13, 2017, Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi, at the opening of regional meeting and dialog related to nuclear nonproliferation agreement for Asia Pacific in Jakarta, stressed the importance of the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. The statement was conveyed to countries which sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty or NPT attending the meeting that took place from 13 to March 14. The minister said nuclear energy with peaceful purposes is one of the pillars continuously encouraged by Indonesia.

The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty was signed on July 1, 1968 to limit the possession of nuclear weapons. One hundred ninety (190) countries have signed the agreement, with reference to the three main pillars, namely nonproliferation, nuclear disarmament and the right to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

Indonesia remains consistent that in the implementation of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty or NPT, the three pillars must be done in a balanced manner. Indonesia confirms that the international situation is quite challenging, member states should commit on the successes and progress must be achieved in the NPT implementation.

Actually, the emerge of the nuclear use is due to the decreasing oil energy sources. People also seek out and develop new energy sources, and alternative options that is nuclear energy. If it is wisely used, the nuclear energy has tremendous benefits and can be utilized in various fields. It is also relatively inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

However, nuclear energy has quite big problem to human life, namely the existence of radiation and the dangers that can be caused. In fact, many countries are reluctant to use nuclear power for fear that if someday it becomes problematic and causes the threat of major disasters, such as radioactive leaks. But actually the loss of nuclear energy can be minimized or even eliminated if people always prioritize the safety and security factors when using it. Another thing to note is the use of nuclear energy for the benefit of people at large and not as a weapon of mass destruction. (ANM)

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