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Online Transportation VS Conventional Transportation

According to well-known French philosopher, René Descartes (read: Rene Decart), when human beings start thinking, this means that they exist. Because humans think, it can be ensured even though there is minor change. The huge change of human life in the interaction is the invention of Internet technology. Through the internet, some humans’ needs are met more easily, especially for those who live in urban areas. However, the presence of the Internet and various applications also brings about inevitable effect. Take for example; there is conflict between online transportation services and conventional ones. This has occurred in some cities across Indonesia, even in some other countries.

In connection with the online application, Minister of Transportation, Budi Karya Sumadi has applied the regulation of Transportation Minister on the Implementation of the passenger transportation by public motor-vehicles without in trajectory. Minister Budi said that this regulation is aimed to create justice to all parties, especially public transport providers. The familiarization of the regulation keeps being carried out to avoid negative impact. He also remarked that this regulation is expected to provide legal certainty for the online transportation.

A researcher of Indonesian Institute of Sciences, LIPI, Mohammed Jafar Elly in his writing on the Journal Blog LIPI explained that the problem of online transportation is that there is no legal certainty. In addition, the conventional transportation service providers are not prepared to face online application. As a result, the conventional drivers are jealous with the online drivers who get passengers more easily and enough income.

These days, people have to thank to the internet or online system; a lot of changes are ready to happen anytime. However, the innovation in daily life is very important, including in the field of public transportation which is needed by the community. But, the fate of the conventional transportation service providers should not be overlooked. The government needs to be prudent and strict to address any emerging conflict between the online transportation and the conventional one. The public as consumers should not be the victims. However, the providers of online and conventional transportation are not disadvantaged.

Change is a must that cannot be avoided. All stakeholders have to be ready to cooperate more wisely and sincerely and to accept the online transportation for the sake of a better future.


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