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Land redistribution policy

In the 16th working meeting of Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association –Hipmi that has taken place in Jakarta recently, President Joko Widodo said that the government is preparing a policy package on just economic equality. The meant economic policy package is the 15th one that mainly focuses on land redistribution and agrarian reform. The policy is issued to address the economic inequalities of society and efforts to overcome inequality land.

The land redistribution policy is the division of land or land held by the state and has been affirmed to become the object of reform. This land will be given to the tenant farmers as stipulated in the Government Regulation No. 224/1961. The utilization and land management must not violate the principles of conservation and should not be traded.

The division of the land is an initial phase to implement the asset redistribution program and agrarian reform under President Joko Widodo’s administration. The program is followed by plans to distribute 12.7 million hectares of other land to the community, both individuals and groups such as cooperatives, indigenous peoples, and boarding school, which is free of charge

The community is expected to manage the land given by the government for a certain period. Former Chairman of the Special Committee on Land Bill, Arif Wibowo said, the object of the redistribution program comes from three sources. First, it is from an inventory of abandoned land. Second, it is from the object of redistribution through accelerated conversion of forest area located in 17 provinces, 104 districts, and 629 locations. And the third is from the land of the results of agrarian and land conflict resolution.

The land redistribution is carried out to improve the welfare of the farmers. So far, most farmers have not obtained an adequate income because the land area they cultivate is very limited. With the land redistribution or agrarian reform, the area of the cultivated land will increase in order to provide an adequate income like the other sectors. In addition to asset redistribution and agrarian reform, financial sector and capital as well as human resource development are also becoming a major focus of this policy package. The government also allocates unused land for the members of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association –Hipmi around 500-1000 hectares to make productive land in a bid to encourage the growth of incomes. It is expected that the land redistribution program initiated by the government may soon be realized. At the end, this may reduce poverty and remove gaps.


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