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Infrastructure Development in Joko Widodo Era

 Indonesian President Joko Widodo inaugurated the operation of Tanjung Priok toll road access, North Jakarta, Saturday, April 15, 2017. The 11.4 kilometer long road that provides access to intermodal land, sea and rail is integrated from and to the Port of Tanjung Priok. It is expected that this toll road access is able to facilitate the flow of goods to and from Tanjung Priok Port which is the largest and the busiest port in Indonesia. Tanjung Priok port serves as the gateway flow of exports and imports goods as well as inter-island goods.

Tanjung Priok Access Toll Road is one of several infrastructure projects implemented by the government under President Joko Widodo. Director General of Highways, Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, Aria Setiadi Moerwanto explained that the construction of Tanjung Priok access toll road is part of realization of the target of the Ministry of Public Works and People’s Housing, namely the construction of 1800 km long toll roads until 2019.

Since taking office as President in October 2014, Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is committed to building infrastructure in Indonesia. In his state of the address, when celebrating the 71st Indonesia’s independence Day at the House of Representatives (DPR) building, August 16, 2016, President Joko Widodo revealed a number of infrastructure built in his two years of his office, including the construction of highways, railways, sea toll roads, construction of airports, and others.

The infrastructure development vigorously implemented by Joko Widodo government indeed require a lot of funds. Besides, its implementation often requires sacrifices such as land acquisition, road congestions caused during the construction of the infrastructure, and others. However, infrastructure projects are the foundation of the people's economy. President Joko Widodo believes that if the project is completed on time, the economic growth will increase. Therefore, the President asked the ministries and agencies to pay attention to the infrastructure projects scheduled for completion in 2018.

It needs the support from all parties so that the infrastructure development targets can be completed on time. Most importantly, all the infrastrutucture development done must be evenly distributed and can be felt by all walks of life in all regions of Indonesia. In addition, the development of infrastructure as said by the president, must also be able to promote the economic growth for all the people of Indonesia. (AHM)

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