Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 19, 2017, Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia will hold regional elections to elect its new Governor and Deputy Governor. This will be the second round election after the first one held last February 15, 2017 when Agus-Sylvie pair lost, while Ahok-Djarot and Anis-Sandi pairs move to the next round. Who will win Jakarta election this time is determined with tomorrow’s election. But the processes that occur during the campaign and the efforts of both candidates for governor and their representatives to obtain the sympathy of people in Jakarta have attracted public attention not only in Jakarta but also in some regions across Indonesia.

Although there was no mass mobilizing activity as in the first round, the campaign showed dynamism with debates and campaigns through social media. In formal debates held by Jakarta Regional Election Commission –KPUD and informal debates held by other parties such as private TV stations, the two candidate pairs sharpened their vision and mission as well as clashing programs for a better Jakarta. While the campaigns through social media have been a little difficult to manage because every person has a voice without having to be part of successful team. Some sympathizers even faced problems after giving their supports for certain pair through social media. Jakarta residents must sort out which information is true or false related to the use of social media. There was little information disseminated in the form of a hoax. The source is not clear, immeasurable and cannot be justified.

Various issues launched are parts of the winning strategy, including religious issues. Many people are worried that the negative impact of Regional Head Elections would threaten the harmony and tolerance among religions. The elections that become a means to gain popular legitimacy for local heads should not pose disintegration among people in Indonesian which is famous for its plurality.

Besides Jakarta, simultaneous elections 2017 have also been held by several other regions that resulted regional heads with different religions. Concerns on disintegration will disappear if all elements of the nation together try to reduce conflict and disintegration. Likewise, religious leaders should be able to take their people to exercise restraint and keep this nation to remain united in conducive, safe and peaceful situation. Don’t let Indonesia apart. Whoever elected and becomes the regional head, he or she is for a better Indonesia.


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