In the midst of euphoria in the camp of Turkey’s  president Recep Tayyip Erdogan after  winning the referendum, the opposition led by the Turkish People's party (CHP) requested a recount for more than 40% of the votes.The Opposition suspect foul play in the Referendum vote counting results implemented on Sunday (16 April).

President Erdogan's side won the referendum by 51.41 percent. With this victory, the Turkish constitution will be changed from a parliamentary into a presidential system,thus the authority of the President will be greater. Erdogan stated that 25 million people of Turkey have supported the changes. However, some large cities such as Ankara, Izmir and Istanbul were against the referendum. Prime Minister of Turkey, Binali Yildirim reinforced Erdogan’s statement by saying the victory in the referendum as a new page in the history of Turkey.

With this victory, Erdogan has a chance to run for president in the elections in 2019 and 2024 and he  could rule until 2029. In  the new constitution, Presidency  will be limited to only 2 times and there is  no longer a prime minister. President is entitled to appoint and dismiss ministers and parliament no longer supervise the cabinet. But parliament can impeach the president.

During  the referendum campaign, Turkey's relations with two EU member states, Germany and the Netherlands were strained. The two countries have banned Turkish officials from  campaigning among Turkish Diaspora there. After the victory of the Erdogan camp, the EU reacted cautiously. Some  officials in EU member states consider relations with Turkey will be more complicated in the future.

Indonesia is certainly does not want to interfere in the results of the referendum in Turkey. But as a friend,  Indonesia hopes Turkey  in presidential era will be much more developed. Turkey can learn from Indonesia's experience in amending the Constitution and making  the president elected directly by the people. However, whether the results of the referendum will benefit the people of Turkey, remains to be seen. (BNP)

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