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Victory of Jakarta’s regional election for unity and diversity

The hustles of the regional head election -Pilkada in Jakarta have already ended. Over the last few months, the atmosphere between sympathizers and supporters of the governor candidates was heating. But, it is now easing with the victory gained by No. 3 Anies Baswedan-Sandiaga Uno. Although the Jakarta Regional Election Commission -KPUD has not issued an official statement yet, the quick count of some survey agencies has shown that the victory is by Anies Baswedan-Sandiaga Uno pair with a difference of more than 10%.

The Jakarta election, which is part of the regional elections in more than 30 provinces, districts and municipalities in Indonesia, can be referred to as an electoral barometer in Indonesia. Because Jakarta is the miniature of Indonesia covering various ethnics, tribes and cultures, religions as well as beliefs. Even, the Jakarta election is very prominent for the preparation of the 2019 election. This can be seen from the presence of several foreign media. One of them is Euronews that participated in directly reporting the Jakarta’s regional election, including the analysis about Indonesia ahead.

In his winning speech, Anies Baswedan as elected governor for the period 2017- 2022 said that he is ready to fight for justice and unity for the people of Jakarta. He told all the people outside Jakarta to keep Islam in order to remain a peaceful religion and Rahmatan Lil-Alamin. In addition, he also said that he will continue to maintain the unity and diversity of the nation.

Meanwhile, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama as the incumbent said that he accepts sincerely over his defeat in the Jakarta election. He also will not file a lawsuit from the Jakarta’s gubernatorial election to the Constitutional Court. In addition, during his remaining term for six month ahead, Basuki will complete his duty which is not finished such as the issue of land certificates and the financing of accelerated mass transportation.

Related to the completion of the Jakarta gubernatorial election, Head of Election Commission, Arief Budiman said that the second round of the Jakarta gubernatorial election which took place on Wednesday 19 April was on schedule and on the track. He hopes that the condition could take place well until the recapitulation phase of the voting count. He also said, when compared with the first round, the run of the second one was much more peaceful.

In the Jakarta regional election, whoever the winner is not important, but more important thing is how to regulate the plurality of Jakarta residents along with a myriad of problems that must be faced by the next governor and deputy governor. Some problems such as residence, business world, traffic jam, flooding and the beach reclamation are serious homework which ready to be settled. The promises during the campaign must be fulfilled by the winner. Firm, competent, consistent and innovative leadership is needed to build Jakarta as the capital of the country and metropolitan city with a population of more than 10 million people. But, the most important point of the Jakarta regional election is the creation of a conducive, safe and peaceful situation that is a reflection of the face of the Indonesian state in the eyes of the international community. (mstn)

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