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New Tension on the Korean Peninsula

The tension on the Korean Peninsula emerges again. It is triggered by a US maneuver that has sent one of its carriers closer to North Korean waters. Based on the maneuver of Washington, Pyongyang government immediately reacted violently and declared to be ready for war after the USS Carl Vinson and its fleet were deployed near North Korean waters. President Donald Trump has ordered his military advisers to prepare for the possibilities against North Korea. One of Trump's military advisers, Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster, who confirmed the order, stated that one option that the US military might take is to combine special troop raids and pre-emptive missile strikes.

Washington's move and statement made Pyongyang annoyed. As reported by News Agency of North Korea, KCNA, Pyongyang condemns the maneuver of United States Navy. The North Korean Foreign Affairs Ministry said that Pyongyang government is ready to respond to the planned attack of the US.

The tension between Washington and Pyongyang also involves South Korea. Both the US and South Korea are now maneuvering by conducting joint war exercise. The United States deployed its newest type of combat aircraft in the exercise.

The maneuver and the US statement is in fact a form of President Donald Trump’s policy on denuclearization in North Korea. Pyongyang still continues to periodically conduct experiments by launching guided missile of nuclear warhead. Donald Trump's policy is in line with what the previous government did.

The United Nations Security Council –UNSC has also passed a resolution by imposing sanctions on North Korea over its nuclear weapons. Pyongyang government appears to have no regard for sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council. North Korea even appears to be aggressive in conducting trials to launch nuclear-armed missiles aimed at the United States and Japan.

Is the United States really going to attack North Korea? The international community is still waiting for further developments. What has happened to ore recently is a warning and also a psy-war. However, it is possible that Donald Trump's government will carry out the attack. If this happens, other countries will involve in. If so, the people of North Korea will suffer as Syrian people are undergoing now. (KB)

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