The French presidential election was held on Sunday (23/4). The result gave a surprise to the parties that had dominated the political world of the country. Emanuel Macron, the leading politician who progressed through an independent party got the first position  with 23 percent of the vote, second, Marine Le Pen from the ultra-right party, the National Front with 21 percent of the vote, then Francois Fillon, a conservative party politician who got 19 percent of the vote, while Jean Luc Mélenchon and Benoit Hamon each earned 19 and 7 percent of the vote.

With this achievement, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, must fight again in the second round because no one got 50% of the vote. For the first time in the history of the 5th Republic, built by General Charles de Gaulle in 1958, the Conservative and the Socialist parties had no candidates in the second round. But Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will not just walk smoothly to occupy the presidency. Both need support from other parties.

Emmanuel Macron road is predicted to be  smoother  because the losing candidate, Francois Fillon, immediately asked his supporters to support Macron. Similarly, President Francois Hollande, in a statement broadcast on local television Monday, called on the French people to vote for Emmanuel Macron. In addition Macron is known to be  more Pro EU. Earlier the Conservative and Socialist parties backed Macron and rejected the ultra-right candidate Marine Le Pen who intends to reduce immigrants and leave the EU.

Marine Le Pen himself wants to concentrate in the second round by leaving the post of ultra-right Front National party leader. Although rejected by some, his achievement can not be underestimated, it is more than 20% of the people's votes. The difficulty is the absence of any large party support because it was already given  to Macron. On the other hand, Jean Luc Mélenchon refused to support Le Pen and Macron. Mellenchon's 19 percent supporters could be a battle ground for both candidates. To get a sympathy in the hearts of the people, Le Pen directly call, Macron as "baby Hollande" because President  Francois Hollande is the mentor  of Macron as minister in the cabinet. Although disappointed because of Macron’s resignation, eventually  Hollande supports Macron in the second round.

Of the two candidates, it is certainly expected that the best will win and lead France. Reflecting on the American experience some time ago, although Trump won the presidential election, his policy is not 100% acceptable to his own people. Even if Marine Le Pen wins the election, it is unlikely that France will stand on its own and 100% of Le Pen's policies are implemented, including its radical policies against Muslims. If Macron wins, it will be easier for France and EU countries to partner with other countries including Islamic countries. (BNP)

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