COMMENTARY 03.05.2017

In addition to South Korea, Japan is also  deeply concerned with a series of ballistic missile tests conducted by North Korea recently. In some tests, the missiles were directed to the east of North Korea and fell in the sea of Japan. It is natural that Japan, currently psychologically disturbed by North Korea's activities, has finally taken part in a massive military exercise by the United States with South Korea. Similarly their European allies France and Britain eventually participated in joint exercises around the Korean peninsula.

Tensions have risen since North Korea threatened to shoot any American ships coming closer to the Korean peninsula. North Korea itself has conducted several nuclear tests and ballistic missiles. US President Donald Trump promised to prevent North Korea from firing long-range missiles into the United States. For that President Trump asserted he would use all means including military attacks.

For Japan, the  delivery of Izumo helicopters and destroyers in the joint exercises in the Western Pacific became the first since the enactment of the new Act of 2015. The law allows the Japanese government to protect allies from the threat of attack.

The law itself has been heavily criticized in Japan for violating Japan's peaceful constitution after World War II. According to opponents, the enactment of the law could drag Japan to undue warfare. Nevertheless the Japanese government still sent its ship to the exercises.

The world community does not expect an open conflict in the Korean Peninsula for it  can affect across Asia. North Korea needs to lessen the spread of threats and  reduce the  tensions and the United States should  withdrew its fleet from the waters of the Korean peninsula. In the meantime,  China has warned that an open conflict will not bring benefits and victories to anyone.

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