Issue on radicalism in Indonesia has spread in line with political developments that began to heat up. So what exactly is the meaning of radicalism itself? There are many definitions concerning the notion of radicalism. In Indonesian Dictionary for example, radicalism is defined as a school or ideology that wants changes or social and political renewal in a violent or drastic way.

This definition continues to grow to include not only the changes desired by the left wing or the right wing in politics, but also it penetrates religious issue. Religious radicalism has rediscovered the momentum since the mid-1980s when religions experienced a revivalism challenged modernity and secularism. The movement of religious radicalism is like an enemy in disguise. If the first radicalist movement was only done in a revolutionary way, it now turns into a new way, namely in evolutionary way.

In Indonesia, the government’s stance is seen through the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education of Indonesia, Muhammad Nasir. When delivering a public lecture at a university in Semarang Central Java some time ago, Muhammad Nasir asserted that university rectors should be able to detect radicalism entering the campus. Do not let the idea of radicalism infect lecturers and students.

Fear of radicalism among students has been anticipated through the curriculum to prevent such understanding and movement by entering subjects that contain State Defense and Nationality Insights on the four pillars of nationality, namely Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution, the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika or Unity in Diversity.

The government of Indonesia through the National Agency for Anti Terrorism -BNPT in collaboration with universities tries to eradicate radicalism on campus. Higher learning is a place to develop and cultivate the next generation who should not be polluted by negative things such as radicalism, drugs, and others. There should be awareness from all academic community to understand the dynamics in campus in order to detect radicalism early. It is for the sake of saving and avoiding the Unitary State of Republic of Indonesia from separation.

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