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World Press Freedom Day

On May 3, 2017 yesterday, the world community commemorated World Press Freedom Day. This year, the peak of the commemoration was held in Indonesia. Various activities were undertaken prior to the D-day which essentially promoted the importance of press freedom to promote a world‘s peace, to encourage the concern of stakeholders, to voice the protection of the media and to recollect the journalists who died while on duty. For Indonesia as the top host of the celebration, World Press Freedom Day is an excellent momentum to evaluate the performance and role of the press in accelerating nation-building. In addition, this time is the right moment to arose togetherness against the outbreak of false news or commonly known as ‘hoax’.

Admittedly, the press freedom is a powerful weapon of the press to fully play its role. One of its functions is to convey social criticism in all aspects of community life. The press is expected to improve the ability of the community and to give fair judgments about all things related to human life. Especially in democracy, the people are the real rulers. Although the press is usually criticized, especially in the era of the press industry today, the press’ principles which are Independent, neutral, balanced, and impartial are to some extent considered by some groups to have been infiltrated with political interests of the certain groups or the capitalists. The true freedom of the press to achieve goals that benefit the wider community can be very dangerous if it has been manipulated with partial agenda.

With its fairly long journey, the press freedom has been supported by most countries in the world. It is expected that the press to show its benefits, both for the progress of each country or a universal nature for the common interests of the world community. To counter the current phenomenon by the world’s community such as hoax or false news, the press should be more proactive to produce constructive news or information. The press should not relinquish responsibility by handling any problems to only rulers or law enforcement agencies. Even, the press may be dissolved to participate in the spirit of freedom without being responsible.  Through the celebration of World Press Freedom Day, all media people and the world’s community are expected to jointly cooperate to fight against hoax or false news. 


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