Ariana Grande may never have dreamed that during her concert in Manchester on Monday (May 22, 2017) there would be a tragedy. When the concert of one of the world's pop stars took place, there was a bomb explosion not far from the concert location. Ariana Grande was safe  and expressed condolences to the victims through her twitter account.

British people have not forgotten the attack  that happened 2 months ago in London. At that time four people were killed and dozens of people were injured due to a deadly collision in the vicinity of the British Parliament Building. Last Monday night it was Manchester's turn to suffer a bomb attack. According to local authorities, no less than 19 people were killed and 50 wounded.

One does not expect such incident  to happen again in Britain, especially since the authorities have tightened security after the London attacks. The bombing came as a surprise in the midst of a heated political atmosphere ahead of the intermittent elections to be held in the second week of June. After the explosion in Manchester, leaders of Conservative party  Theresa May and Labor party Jeremy Corbyn agreed to suspend  the campaign.

Conservative Party led by Prime Minister Theresa May took the initiative to carry out snap elections to speed up her plans out of the EU. Theresa May is currently in a dilemma because  support for the Conservative party, or Tory's has declined, while the trend of support to the Labor party tends to increase. If the election is won by the Labor party, the path with the EU will be more difficult. But it could be, that after the attack in Manchester,  the mood that united the British people in grief, made the political atmosphere that had previously supported the Labor party to change.

It is hoped that the Manchester Tragedy can soon be uncovered so as to prevent similar attacks, not just in England but  elsewhere. Hopefully all the attacks do not interfere with the political agenda in the UK and interrupt the implementation of the General Elections


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