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Indonesia keeps tolerance and inspires other countries

President Joko Widodo remarked that many other countries are jealous of Indonesia. Despite having differences in various aspects such as tribe, language, culture and even religion, Indonesia is still harmonious and full of tolerance, full of brotherhood, and unity. In a meeting with interfaith leaders who joined the Association of Religious Harmony Forum at Bogor Palace, West Java on last Tuesday, President Joko Widodo affirmed that there is no country in the world that is so diverse, including in terms of religion like Indonesia. The President also expressed the world's admiration for Indonesia mainly because of the harmony of the nation that has been maintained for 72 years of Indonesia‚Äôs independence. This was revealed directly to President Joko Widodo before several heads of state he had met such as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and Afghan President, Asraf Ghani. The leaders of the countries even asked President Joko Widodo to maintain the harmony and unity that Indonesia has. Take for example, President Joko Widodo mentioned a special message delivered by Afghan President,Asraf Ghani who visited Indonesia  early April 2017. He was impressed by Indonesia's immense variety, numerous tribes, many religions, many local languages, and advised President Joko Widodo to maintain the harmony and unity that Indonesia has.

Surely, it is expected that the admiration of other countries does not make Indonesia fall asleep. Due to threats that could harm harmony and unity, it could come from within and abroad. History has recorded that every region in Indonesia in the past struggled in its own way against the invaders, but the result was less effective. But with the spirit of unity, Indonesia finally managed to achieve independence.

It is natural that in life there are differences of views, friction, and misunderstanding. However, it is expected that it will become a lesson, which can strengthen Indonesia to become a more sovereign nation.

Indonesia must continue to make other countries jealous with the spirit of tolerance and unity that it has. The admiration from other nations could be a reminder and motivation of the Indonesian nation to keep the strong tolerance to be more admired by other countries. The diversity, the strong unity and tolerance that Indonesia maintains can be an inspiration to other countries to create a more peaceful world.



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