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Ramadan: A Message of Unity

Ramadan, the month awaited for by Muslims around the world, has arrived. Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic Calendar. Muslims around the world happily welcome Ramadan by performing fasting. For a full month, Muslims are not allowed to eat and drink and must keep the behavior from dawn to sunset.

For the people of Indonesia whose majority of the population are Muslim, even the largest in the world, the month of Ramadan also has a very special meaning. Indonesian Independence was proclaimed on August 17, 1945, coinciding with 9 Ramadan 1364 Hijriyah on the Islamic calendar. Ramadan is a blessed month because it has brought together the Indonesian nation with its independence.

The month of Ramadan is also a momentum in unifying various kinds of tribes and ethnic groups into a unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia. Indonesia is a country rich with various tribes, cultures and languages. Such diversity should be cemented and preserved because keeping unity is also advocated by Islam.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo through a video uploaded in his official YouTube and Instagram account, Friday (26/5/2017) night congratulated all Muslims in Indonesia to have fasting. He also appealed that in the month of Ramadan, the people of Indonesia can increase the charity of worship and the sense of brotherhood and unity as a nation

Unity has been a hot issue lately, when the Indonesian people are increasingly divided because of differences of opinion and politics as well as issues of ethnic, religious, racial and intergroup differences.

In this month full of blessing, the Indonesian people should further strengthen unity. Indonesian independence proclaimed in the month of Ramadan will not be achieved if the Indonesian nation at that time did not unite. At that time, they had to release the differences in themselves and united into a nation of Indonesia that has the same goal, namely Indonesia's independence.

For the Indonesian people, Ramadan is the right momentum to always increase worship, to be mature or self-introspective, to reflect on themselves, and to keep on fixing errors and mistakes.

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