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Ramadan Routine

Unconsciously, Muslims lifestyle has adjusted to the rhythm of the fasting month. The consumption patterns, entertainment on television, even decorations and accessories in shopping centers simultaneously repeat this annual routine. Is there anything different from this year's fasting compared to Ramadan in previous years? Muslims all over the world feel themselves how the hustle and bustle of Ramadan is so exhausting in the first week, but slowly they have been accustomed to hunger and thirst again for the following weeks. Fasting that has lost the spirit of Divine love will transform into a habit as well as meeting the congestion on the highway every day. At first, it was hard, but gradually it became common. There is also a formula to worship by finishing Alquran recital, evening prayer, and various other practices. As a result, they will be sluggish and exhausted when leaving the activity due to stay up during Ramadan. Some are trying to find the spirit of divine love by sharing to others in the month of fasting by cooking and then distributing something free of charge to the poor. There are also those who do not have time to finish the Alquran recital; no time to wake up the night, there is no more sustenance to share, all they do is keep trying to fast as they can. Can the Muslims find the spirit of Divine love for hawkers, parking attendants, becak drivers, garbage collectors, and street buskers? It may be that a person will gain an inner experience of suffering, what cannot be obtained in fasting and prayer may be that God is present to those who suffer and have fasted throughout the year, compared to those who only do in Ramadan.

There are those who choose to work as usual. The Ramadan routine unites with its daily routine. For such people, the fasting of Ramadan is not a routine that makes their love seem to be but has become part of the pulse of life. No longer they separate where the world and the hereafter, as if worshiping is merely an afterlife, and working as if it is oriented only to the world. Their view of the world and the hereafter is different from most people. Then, what about those who are at the mosque or in the office, whatever their activities, whether remembrance or thought, they always become intermediary (Wasilahlah) to get closer to God in the month of Ramadan. We hope to always renew our love to God every day to be the righteous.

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