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Iran shocked by terror attacks

Two terror attacks hit the capital of Iran -Tehran on Wednesday (7/6). One attack was aimed at the parliament building and another suicide bomber attack on the tomb of Ayatollah Khomeini. The consequences of the attack killed at least 12 people. Deputy Chairman of Iran's Supreme Council of Security, Reza Seifollahi said that the attackers were Iranians who joined the ISIS group. The ISIS terror group claimed the attack and threatened further attacks on Shiites in Iran.

In his message through social media, President of the United States, Donald Trump expressed his sympathy. But, President Trump added to his sympathy by mentioning the tragedy of Tehran as the fruit of its own deeds. The second message provoked Iran's strong reaction to the United States.

Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohamad Javad Zarif on Thursday mentioned that the Trump's remark on the attacks in Tehran is very painful. Javad also said that Iran faces attacks from American client groups. Trump's hostility toward Iran has emerged since the campaign. Trump's target is to cancel a 2015 agreement that gives Iran the chance to use nuclear and prevent the development of nuclear weapons in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards accused Saudi Arabia and the United States being involved in the attack. Their indication was that the incident occurred after President Donald Trump met with Islamic leaders in Saudi Arabia. Both countries directly denied this allegation.

These days, there seems to be no place on earth that is safe from terror attacks. We can no longer simply call for unity against terrorism. It is time for all of us –the world communities to jointly take a very firm action  against groups that no longer care about humanity for the purpose of one group only. (BNP/RHM)

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