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Election bill still delayed

The election bill of the general election becomes a public spotlight again because until mid-2017, this election bill is not completed yet, while time continues to tick ahead of the 2019 election. The election bill is delayed due to disputes and a lot different thoughts related to five crucial issues namely parliamentary threshold, presidential threshold, district magnitude, vote conversion methods, and electoral systems. One of the most difficult points in the discussion is the presidential threshold.

Related to the presidential threshold, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Democratic Party, Agus Hermanto pointed out that the proposed presidential threshold is currently irrelevant and less appropriate. Because, the legislative and presidential elections will be held simultaneously. Therefore, he views that Democrat Party wants zero percent for the threshold of the presidential nomination by political parties. At the moment, strong debate about presidential threshold in a number of political parties has occurred; some political parties want the figure between 20 and 25 percent, namely 20 percent of seats in the House or 25 percent of the national legitimate votes. In regard to this, Agus Hermanto asserted not to close the possibility if needed, decision-making will be done through voting mechanism at the plenary session.

Meanwhile, Minister of Home Affairs, Tjahjo Kumolo said that the government still supports using the presidential threshold system as five years ago, the pattern of 20-25. The reason is that the process of election of presidential candidates and vice presidential candidates requires real support as the election of legislative candidates. The real support is reflected in the number of votes that political parties obtain in legislative elections. Minister Tjahjo Kumolo also said that political parties represent the votes of the Indonesian people. One form of legitimacy of a political party is through general election.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Special Committee on the General Election Bill, Lukman Edy ensures that whatever happens, the crucial issue decision will be completed on Tuesday 13 June. He hopes that there will be no inter-fraction debate. He views that there is no solution, the last way is through voting. Lukman Edy added that to the toughness of Presidential Threshold's discussion was that one of the winning parties in the 2014 election wants a threshold limit for presidential election.

The delay on the discussion of the 2019 election bill will not happen if every faction in the parliament wants to put aside their own ego of the political interests. But if there is hidden interests by the political party, individual and the existence of special order from parties that are not responsible for and overlooking the sense of nationalism, the discussion will take time and voting decision cannot be avoided. In fact, the previous voting system never existed in Indonesian democracy. Indonesian people do understand deliberation through consensus in politics. Because, deliberation through consensus is the real democracy of Indonesia which is stated in one of the principles of Indonesia’s state ideology -Pancasila.

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