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Indonesia anticipates forest fire

Climatology Meteorology and Geophysics Agency -BMKG states that for most parts of Indonesia, this June is the beginning of the dry season. For Indonesia, the most vulnerable and very time-consuming in the dry season is the disaster of forest fires that often occur.

BMKG recorded until May 2017 that the rainfall in some areas in Indonesia still reached 200-300 millimeters per month. At that time, several hot spots of forest and land fires were monitored. However, BMKG estimates the drought condition in Indonesia in 2017 will not be so dry as the one in 2015, though it will not be so wet as the one 2016.

At first in the past, burning forests was a practical and cost-effective method when traditional farmers or nomadic cultivators wanting to clear land. This method is then practiced or adopted by companies of forestry and plantation companies. They not only open new land, but also to rejuvenate forests and to control pests.

Probably, such a method may trigger a disaster. Since, this way is regarded unwise in its implementation; forest and land fires are often uncontrollable and trigger wider and wilder forest fires. This is certainly endangering the survival of forest ecosystems. It is known that forest fires are the largest contributor to deforestation development, even greater than land conventions for agriculture or illegal logging.

In fact, this disaster must be anticipated as early as possible. People must care about forests, because Indonesia's forests are the world's lungs, the largest contributor of oxygen in the world.

Negative immunity should happen to the community, such as being immune to fog due to harmless, because it does not necessarily kill right away. Approaches to overcome forest and land fires should pay attention to sociological and cultural aspects as well as community empowerment processes. Those people who live in the forest need to be given guidance and understanding of the forest fires dangers and how to prevent them. The government must also act decisively to give tough sanctions for violators and forest destroyers that result in fires.

It should be understood that there is misleading thought as if water bombing and artificial rain were the most capable technology to solve the forest fire problem and the fog. There are other science and technology to mitigate such as the use of water logger to know the condition of land so that early anticipation can be taken before the fire happens.

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