The conflict in Syria has not subsided, let alone reached the cessation of attacks from the fighting parties in the country. The latest incident that prolonged the issue was the shooting down  of a Syrian SU 22 fighter by the United States. The plane, according to the United States, attacked Syrian Democratic Army troops in action in the city of Raqqa. The Syrian side strongly denied the allegations by saying the plane was shot in a mission to eradicate ISIS.

Russia, which backs the regime of Bashar Al Assad,  through its Defense Ministry official statement expressed concern about the shootings and threatened to target US combat aircraft. In addition, Russia will also cut off all communications with the US  and will not use existing lines of communication before the shootings of Syrian aircraft. Yet, the two countries had previously agreed to prevent clashes in Syria. This incident clearly makes the future of peace in Syria increasingly unclear.

Russia had given hope through  the Defense Ministry's report last Friday (16/6), which has been confirmed by the military, that ISIS supreme leader Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi has been confirmed dead. The United States has not confirmed the report. While a human rights analyst in Syria doubted the report. Baghdadi was rumored in another region of Syria when the attack occurred late May.

Hopefully, the conflicts in Syria and Iraq do not drag on as they are today. The intervention of the United States and Russia should make the conflict subside rather than the opposite. Without realizing,  this conflicts have  even confronted  them directly in the opposite front. Indeed,  the presence of the two big countries are supposed  to overcome the ISIS,  blamed as the culprit in the conflicts  in Syria and Iraq, and not to make them worse and  more widespread. (BNP)

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