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Tourism as strategic economic sector

The tourism industry should soon be packaged in a modern world-class product with a complete package providing services ranging from foreign tourists departing from home until bringing back unforgettable memories. This can be carried out by establishing cooperation and networking that are integrated with industry stakeholders at home and abroad such as travel agencies, airlines and hotel networks. More importantly, it must be supported by a massive promotion. If this is done more seriously, tourism can not only be one of the greatest foreign exchange earners in the future, but it will also encourage the development of marginalized suburbs, accelerate infrastructure development, and create new sources of economic growth. This can be realized by building infrastructure and facility such as direct flights from major cities. Moreover, Indonesia has a region that is four times more extensive with diverse natural and cultural beauty; the number of attractions is more, and there are various creative industries. To boost foreign exchange from tourism sector, at least central and regional governments must synergize to make an important step by showing seriousness in building road transportation access with smooth road and air transportation in all cities. In addition, Indonesia also needs to cooperate with art workers, formal and informal sectors. Wisdom, hospitality, and tradition deeply rooted in the lives of local people will be great attraction inherent in the memories of foreign tourists. High value-added tourism is expected to support each other with the manufacturing sector, services, agriculture and environmental development. Thus, it is not wrong if many people claim that the tourism sector can be the government's flagship product from various sectors. What’s needed is to widen the access of prospective workers to get various skills of tourism. By educating as many qualified, credible, and integrated human resources as possible, including by providing attractive scholarships, the tourism sector will be supported by qualified human resources. We hope human resources in tourism sector may create the ones who know exactly how to answer the needs of tourists who come to bring money for fun across Indonesia.


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