Home Editorial Banning citizens of six countries into the United States of America to be carried out

Banning citizens of six countries into the United States of America to be carried out

The temporary ban on entering the United States, which President Donald Trump outlines against citizens of six Muslim-majority countries and all refugees, is eventually be implemented. Trump's decision bans 90 days of people from Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen coming to America, and the country's refugee program is suspended for 120 days. The ban starts being effective on Thursday at 20:00 local time. The launch of the controversial move came after the United States Supreme Court this week decided to allow Trump’s orders to be applied.

However, the Supreme Court has reduced the scope of the ban by excluding residents and refugees with close or "credible" relationships with a person or entity in the United States. Those who are considered to have close family relationships are parents, wife or husband, children, adult children, son-in-law, siblings, stepbrothers and other types of relationships. Close relatives do not include grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nephews, cousins, brother-in-law, fiancee and other extended family members.

The directive also specifies in detail that relations with a unity in the United States should be official, recorded and established on a regular path, not for the purpose of avoiding the executive order signed by President Donald Trump on March 6. It also contains some examples of those who get an exception, based on reliable relationships with a unity in the United States. One example is an employee who accepts job offers from a company in the United States or an instructor invited to give a lecture in the United States will be excluded.

The ban, which was first announced by Trump in early January, had previously been frozen in favor of judges in Hawaii and Maryland, who argued that the policy was discriminatory. The Federal Court said that the travel ban violates federal and discriminatory immigration laws against Muslims who violate the US Constitution. President Donald Trump calls the travel ban is needed for extra security. Media reported, President Donald Trump uses two terrorist attacks that happened in London, England as a material defense for the policy of the "travel ban".

Perhaps, this provision will pose again opposition from some parties. Opponents reason that one of them is that no one from the affected countries had attacked the United States. Hopefully, this temporary ban will not be applied fully. The citizens of the six countries still have to wait for a review of the executive's orders. Thus, they have to wait for the review of the US Supreme Court which will consider in October to decide whether President Trump's policy is implemented or rejected. While hoping what President Donald Trump has expressed in his Idul Fitri greetings, this reminds how important the mercy, compassion, and goodwill are to be truly manifested.

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