The 4th Indonesian Diaspora Congress is being held in Jakarta on 1-4 July 2017 with the theme "Bersinergi Bangun Negeri" or Being Synergized to Develop the Country. Dino Patti Djalal, chairman of Indonesian Diaspora Network Global (IDNG) Board of Trustees, said the congress is the biggest Diaspora Congress since it was first held in Los Angeles, USA in 2012.

The 4th Indonesian Diaspora Congress by IDNG which already has representatives in 65 cities in various countries is motivated by the fact that Indonesia includes the top-10 country with the highest number of diaspora in the world. They are 6-8 million with Indonesian citizen status and about 10-15 million people of Indonesian descent in various parts of the world. Of the millions of diaspora, only about two million people of them are Indonesian Migrant Workers (TKI) that gives real contribution worth about 10 billion US dollars per year to the country. While the rest are professionals, artists and students whose contribution to Indonesia cannot be calculated, even though they have proven to have outstanding talent and expertise in the international world.

This year's Diaspora Congress is very interesting and special because it is attended by 9 thousand people from 134 cities from 55 countries in the world, and 71 cities in Indonesia. In addition, a number of iconic diaspora figures with outstanding achievements abroad are also present at this Congress. The main attraction is the presence of 44th United States President Barack Obama as the keynote speaker at the opening session of the convention. In addition to Obama, there are about 40 other speakers consisting of various backgrounds such as from entrepreneurs, students, clerics, politicians to international artists.

From the names that are present at the 4th Indonesian Diaspora Congress, it can be seen that the Indonesian Diaspora indirectly takes part in bringing the Indonesian reputation to the international world. Just mention the Co-Founder of Marvell Technology Group Sehat Sutardja, Director of the Vatican Interfaith Dialogue Father Markus Solo Kewuta SVD, moderate Muslim Imam in the US Shamsi Ali, Hollywood actress Tania Gunadi, and pop singer Anggun C Sasmi. They are some of the many inspiring Diaspora Indonesia who share their experiences and ideas in the convention.

As stated by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Indonesia Diaspora Network, Dino Pati Djalal, there are a lot of Indonesian Diaspora who have excellent achievements, are highly educated, and potentially tremendous. Currently what is needed is a solid synergy among Indonesian Diaspora. The 4th Indonesian Diaspora Congress is expected to further strengthen the fraternity among Indonesian people in Indonesia and the Indonesian Diaspora overseas. The contribution of Indonesian Diaspora overseas is expected to build the economy in Indonesia as has been done by other countries such as China or India Diaspora who have successfully helped build their nation's economy.


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