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Appreciation on Indonesia’s National Police


Indonesian National Police (POLRI) has just commemorated its 71st anniversary on July 1st. The performance of one of the law enforcement agencies in Indonesia continues to get the attention from Indonesian society. It often faces challenges in carrying out its main duty, such as in maintaining public order and security, and enforcing the law, providing protection, shelter, and service to the community.

This year, the commemoration of the anniversary is highlighted with the busyness in carrying out one of the tasks, which held all activities in ensuring the security, order, and smoothness of traffic of reverse flow. Amid the excitement of Muslims celebrating Idul Fitri, the Indonesian Police (POLRI) officers must work hard to carry out their duties. Approximately 187 thousand Police and Indonesian Military personnel are deployed to serve travelers at 1,112 points at integrated service posts across Indonesia that are crossed by travelers, and the results are quite satisfactory.

The appreciation of the services provided by the Indonesian Police for the smoothness of homecoming and reverse flow during Eid Ul Fitr exodus has been conveyed by several parties. One of them is a member of House of Representatives’ Commission V that appreciate the performance of the Police and other security officers who are able to suppress the number of traffic accidents during the homecoming and return flow of Eid ul Fitr 2017.

The community also gives positive evaluation on the traffic management and crime handling, at least according to survey results conducted by Kompas daily.

Drug case settlement and the handling of terrorism have become the two most publicly appreciated achievements. The society is of the view that the success of the Police in arresting drug dealers as well as perpetrators of terrorism acts is the Police’s major achievements.

Of course, the people expect more achievements from the Police. Security and public order, law enforcement and protection, and service to the community should be further improved. The people are optimistic that the Indonesian Police is able to handle various challenges and forms of crime that may become more complicated.

It is impossible for the Indonesian Police to successfully carry out its main duty alone, without the support of other agencies and the community. Chief of Indonesian Police Tito Karnavian in a message disclosed on Police’s website stated that Indonesian Police opens up and acommodate the aspirations and views of all elements of society, to put the Police to become  a protector and guardian for all citizens.

Police’s professional work, based on the applicable science and legal system, along with the attitude of trust, accountable to other stakeholders, will certainly provide better performance. In addition, the police should always use their authority wisely and courteously in the community it serves. The desire to realize the coveted Police will be achieved, if all elements of the nation join hands in giving support, because the Indonesian Police belongs to Indonesia.


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