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OIC Ministerial Conference in Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast, a country in Western Africa, hosted the 44th Ministerial Conference of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on July 10th  and 11th  2017,. The event in Abidjan, the capital of Ivory Coast, took place amid some conflicts that have been happening  lately in the world. The theme was "Youth, Peace and Development in a World of Solidarity". Why is this theme discussed in this Conference?

OIC members agree that the role of youth is very important in facing challenges in today's world and the future,  such as  threats of extremism in various countries, terrorism and radicalism. What to do so that youth do not get caught up in the things that destroy the future of human civilization? Education is considered as a solution to combat these three issues, along with the cultivation of tolerance values, mutual respect and respect for peace.

In addition, the conference  also discussed the Palestinian issue, the OIC Action 2025 program, and the Muslim minority. Other issues discussed were human rights and humanity as well as issues of trade and information technology.

The Ministerial Conference of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation s an annual forum of OIC Member States' foreign ministers to review the progress of policy implementation set out in the Summit of Heads of Member States. At the meeting  in Abidjan Indonesia raised the issue of OIC-Contact Group on Peace and Conflict Resolution. Indonesia is using this forum to encourage the resolving of ongoing conflicts, especially in the Middle East. Indonesia's foreign minister, Retno LP Marsudi, said the solution proposed by Indonesia in this forum is to encourage OIC member states to unite and to open themselves to dialogue to solve problems in the Middle East. Indonesia also emphasized the importance of cooperation to solve the problem down to its roots.

Hopefully, what Indonesia proposes can be realized in the form of problem resolution. Hopefully, this meeting is not merely a variety of narratives and discourses that do not contribute to the settlement, whether in  countering terrorism, decreasing the level of radicalism as well as extremism.

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